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Sonoff complexiond : custom Firmware/Software OpenHAB 2017 (Uses WINDOWS)

Date: 2017-08-15 02:27:15

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In this video I will Shewn you how to install FIRMWARE/software on a Sonoff DUAL Use a MS-Windows computer. We will be Flashing the Sonoff WITH FIRMWARE uses MQTT-SN to Connect to a Serversss is OpenHAB 2 on a Hindberries pi. To flash the FIRMWARE we will be Use the Arduino IDE.

Link To Sonoff Completes Guides (Written Guides):

Link To Use a Mac Computer:

Buy a Sonoff Here:

Link to all the Parts and Tools:

Link To Home Automate Serverss Guides:

Link To Making An ESP8266 Hingedoor Detected (Playlist):

Home Automate Serverss Videos:
Demo –
Hardware –
Software (Use Mac) –
Software (Use MS-Windows) –
Final Installed –

Check out the website:


This Channels will Shewn you the path to Creation Your Very own Ultimate Houses Use Arduino, Hindberries pi, esp8266, OpenHAB 2 and MOREnet to do home automation. Each video will be a Project and you can to make Your Hosue MOREnet Technology advanced. Also, is MOREnet as well as detailed Guides on

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