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Amazon officially owns Ring – Is It The Best Video Doorbell System? – Smart Home Inside
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Amazon officially owns Ring – Is It The Best Video Doorbell System?

Best Video Doorbell System

Amazon’s purchase of Ring formally closed now. Now the companies (or company, instead) are marking the occasion by discounting the Ring Video Doorbell $30 down to $100 — as what better way to observe scalability and maximum supply than a price fall?

Amazon is quick to notice in its press material the Ring title is sticking around — for the time being, at least. The organization’s goods will be joining a bunch of other smart home devices below the Amazon umbrella, for example, organization’s own Cloud Cam and various devices by one-time competition, Blink.

Among other things, that means that existing customers shouldn’t expect service interruptions. That said I wouldn’t be surprised to find the firm pushing to rival offerings like rsquo & Apple;s Home app. Surely it would make sense for the company to try and place everything and could finally make matters a bit less fragmented for the consumer.

A recent interview with Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff hints at what the firm will look like in relation to rsquo & Amazon;s Key service, which met with mixed reviews.

“As it relates to Essential, that’s obviously one we’ll look at pretty closely,” he informed CNET. “I wouldn’t want it & rsquo; s that & rsquo; s rsquo; ll begin, however to make any commitments at this stage in time. ”

Not super insightful, but about as much as you can expect from the mind of a company. While Siminoff says Ring will remain independent, keeping its Santa Monica office, becoming a bit of Amazon’s smart house play likely means deeper and deeper integrations together with the organization’s house hardware offerings.

Amazon’s been eying the business for a while. The business backed Ring through the Alexa Fund, which has turned into a bit of a funnel for acquisitions of late, since it looks to leverage rsquo & both the Echo/Alexa;s achievement in an all-out smart house takeover.


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